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Ducky's Pet Food Friday Program

Free Dog & Cat Food on the First Friday of Every Month for Residents of Navarro County.

Ducky's Pet Food Friday program aims at providing supplemental meals to pet owners in need in Navarro County. We routinely help over 30+ families and 100+ animals every month.

Over the years the program has evolved into a monthly distribution of dog and cat food. The sole source of income is fundraisers started on Ducky's (a ten year old shih-tzu) social media pages. His efforts have raised over $8,000 for the program. You can click below to follow Ducky's social pages.















We are so grateful to have many dedicated volunteers that keep this program running smooth; including Erin Abay (Ducky's mom), Shanda Vance and Faye Valadez.

We hope to grow and be able to provide more dog & cat food to residents in need. Our monthly budget is extremely limited but we aim to help as many pets as we can have full bellies. Food insecurity is a huge problem in our country and it does not only affect humans. Our goal is to help ease that burden in whatever way we can.

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Pictured: Shanda Vance, Erin Abay and Faye Valadez


Monetary Donations & Bags of Food Welcome

If you would like to donate to help Ducky's Pet Food Fridays, you can do so by clicking below. 


You can also mail a check or money order to

PO Box 1734

Corsicana, TX 75151

or call us at 903-875-1060 to make a card payment over the phone.
Please note that it is for the Food Program when donating.

We also accept bags of dog and cat food.  If you have a picky pet, and have an opened bag of food that they no longer eat, we will take it! Food donations can be brought to our office. Please call ahead as our hours may change due to Covid.

Does my pet qualify for food?

Our only requirement is that you are a resident of Navarro County. We do not need proof of income. If you have questions, please call 903-875-1060, email us at or reach out to us on Ducky's Social Media accounts.

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NOTE: We give out as much food as our budget allows, so there may be times when we have less available. This program is designed to provide supplemental meals for dogs and cats and can not be the sole source of food for your pet. We ONLY give out dog and cat food at this time. We cannot guarantee that we can meet certain needs like puppy/kitten or small bites/senior food. We do not regularly have canned food or treats. As this program grows, our hope is to provide age/size specific and canned food, but we are not currently at that point.

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